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Un poco de lo que aprenderas en las clases

• Que hacer antes, durante y después de la transacción (mapa del proceso)

• Como tener acceso al dinero para comprar subject to

• Identificar la mejor Estrategia de salida

• Maneras de parar el foreclosure, negociar con los bancos, condado y abogados y como minimizar el riesgo de
“Due on sale“

• Como llenar los contratos y que otros documentos usar

• Que tomar en cuenta a la hora de asegurar la propiedad 🏠

• Para que usar un Trust cuando compre o venda (fideicomiso)

• Posibles: Riesgos, Problemas y Soluciones

• Como incrementar el cash flow y ganancia minimizando gastos y creando oportunidades


• Y entre muchas otras cosas

Upcoming Events!

In this class, I want to thank you for letting me attend this class and teach me everything you have taught me,
I had previously been in other classes where a lot of money is spent and I have not learned anything, in this detail in detail.
I'm super happy I recommend them to all

I find it excellent, too much information and I love it is a workshop from 9 to 5 and it has been done as if it were an hour, this education is super important to start because the more educated you are, the less money you lose, the information passed on my expectations than in other seminars have not been able to cover all of them.
but this seminar is transferred, I recommend 100% information is very valuable.

I am very happy with this course because I started without knowledge and we have learned from how to look for a house, places where they are, how to apply for titles, have explained from beginning to end, really if you arrive here without knowledge, you will be ready to start the Business because they give you all the necessary tools.
I recommend this class to everyone with or without experience in the real estate branch.

When they called me for the class, they told me they were going to give me a toolbox to start my business. It really was that way and I'm really happy I was able to do this, I recommend it to everyone because you really learn a lot, Another thing that I like this course is that the information is in Spanish, it is a tremendous collaboration for our Latino community. Thank you

Well, I am very happy because I am a newbie in this topic and it was easy for me to understand, First time I am understanding and understanding everything, they explain all the terms so I really recommend this seminar, once again I am a novice and I learned a lot. The whole team helps you, you feel confident, they do not leave any question on the air.
I really love this group of Latinos in real estate and I recommend it 100% for everyone.