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About us


We provide free education, networking and paid seminars to get started as an investor. Our advice is aimed at the Latino community to turn them into expert entrepreneurs.

We provide tools and systems to evaluate the growth of each member in formation. We guide our clients by listening to their desires and needs, receiving the highest customer service.

Fabian Toledo
Mentor - Investor - Realtor®

-Fabián is a native of Colombia, passionate about enriching the Latino Community

-Full Time Real Estate Investor, Wholesaler, Flipper in Houston Texas, Realtor and Licensed for over 13 years

-Ex  Board of Director of the RICH Club

-Graduate of NHPO, Landmark Education


-His favorite investment is the "Subject to" and his favorite source of financing are IRA Funds and Private Equity.

-Fabián plans to explore the real estate industry in Puerto Rico and expand to other Latin cities.

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